The Blame Game

The Blame Game

An unknown philosopher once said

As the void, we became bored and are now divine beings playing a massive role playing game.

The Blame Game is one of those games.

The Blame Game is not the same as the Judgment Game. The Judgment Game is about making rules. The Blame Game is about the players.

The players of the Blame Game do not accept that the quantum algorithm always equals zero. They are under the illusion that the quantum algorithm is equal to one and the winner of the game is number one.

The truth is that we are playing a role playing game and that there really isn’t any winners or losers. We all are zero with no one ahead of anyone else.

When the players of the Blame Game realize they did not achieve becoming number one, they declare themselves victims and declare others as villains. The victims blame the villains for the lack of achievement.

Some players never let go of the illusion and never accept the truth becoming professional victims in a never ending game of blame.