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Always back to Zero

Always back to Zero

We all started as a void, with no light, no motion, no dimensions, just nothingness.

The quantum fluctuation became what we see now. We have lights, action, and things. We have emotions and desires. We want more and we can make more. But we delude ourselves. We forget that we are really the void and everything around us is just temporary. We all eventually end up back at zero.

Science states that we are at zero now and that matter energy is voided out by gravity energy making us zero.

It is a quantum algorithm of the universe. All equations equal zero.

The more we gain, the more we have to lose. We love our plastic and our cars. They give us freedom and convenience. We build huge refinements and chemical plants so we can have more at cheap prices. Then Hurricane Harvey comes along and during a few days toxic chemicals spill into the environment making us sick.

The equation returns to zero.