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The Social Game

The Social Game

The Social Game is about playing style. It is not about the rules, but how the rules are implemented.

Most players in the Social Game choose a passive-aggressive playing style. They are never direct. Instead, they prefer to work behind the scenes like a puppet master pulling the strings of other players, creating the illusion of a cohesive society.

Playing styles tend to change over the seasons of game play and the new emerging style in the Social Game is the aggressive style. Unlike passive-aggressive players, aggressive players don’t manipulate other players into doing something, but instead try to force other players to do what they want done.

As more and more players adopt the aggressive play style, the social game becomes polarized with the us vs. them mentality.

Whether the play style is aggressive or passive-aggressive, the social game is like a pyramid scheme where all players are trying to get other players to join their social group and be the king of the mountain with everyone beneath them.

Another playing style is the passive style. The passive players focus on not controlling the game but flowing through it. Some players will delude themselves into thinking they are passive. The positive energy players are one sort of group. They think that they are passive because they are not aggressive, but since their goal is to change the world through positive thought, they are actually passive-aggressive. The key to being passive is not wanting to change things outside of themselves, but allow the world to be naturally itself.

In between the passive style and the aggressive styles is the assertive playing style. The assertive player doesn’t sit back and watch the world go by, but is an active partner with it. The assertive player believes change is part of the game, but not change by manipulation or force. The assertive player asks other players to change and if the answer is no, they move on to something else.

No matter the playing style, we are all still part of the game and the game always ends the same.